Adımı Kalbine Yaz

Cover to Adimi Kalbine Yaz
Adımı Kalbine Yaz [Write My Name Across Your Heart]

Album Credits
Genre: Pop, World
Release Date(s): 29 July, 2010
Formats: CD, Digital
Label: DMC & HITT

Producer: DMC
Recorded & Produced at db Müzik Studios/Levent Demirbaş
Strings and Ethnic Percussions (Track 3) recorded at MDM/Bahadır Sağbaş
Music Production: (Tracks 1-8, 10) Ozan Çolakoğlu, (Track 9) Gülşah Tütüncü & Ozan Çolakoğlu, (Track 11) Suat Ateşdağlı, (Track 12) Gürsel Çelik, (Track 13) Kivanch K
Vocals recorded by Levent Demirbaş
Additional Vocals recorded by Emirhan Cengiz
Mixing by (Tracks 9-10, 12) Özgür Yurtoğlu, (Track 11) Yalçın Aşan, (Track 13) Kivanch K
Mastering by Levent Demirbaş
Photographer: Giuliano Bekor
Styling: Avo Yermagyan
Hair Stylist: Zeki Doğulu
Make Up Artist: Chantal Moore
Editing: Handan Menekşe
Poem: (Track 4) Günay Çoban 
Graphic Designer: Emre Erdem

Track Listing:

1. Sevdanın Son Vuruşu (Gürel/Tarkan)[5:07]
2. Acımayacak (Özer)[4:32]
3. İşim Olmaz (Tilbe/Tarkan)[4:13]
4. Kayıp (Çoban/Tarkan)[4:58]
5. Öp (Aksu/Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[3:47]
6. Adımı Kalbine Yaz (Tarkan)[5:12]
7. Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin (Aksu/Çolakoğlu)[4:26]
8. Usta - Çırak (Tütüncü)[3:25]
9. Acımayacak "Gürcell Club Mix" (Özer)[4:58]
10. Adımı Kalbine Yaz "Ozinga Club Mix" (Tarkan)[4:21]
11. Sevdanın Son Vuruşu "Suat Ateşdağlı Mix" (Gürel/Tarkan)[5:20]
12. Öp “Gürcell Club Mix" (Aksu/Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[5:07]
13. Sevdanın Son Vuruşu "Kivanch K Mix" (Gürel/Tarkan)[9:43]

Download the translated lyric cards below for personal use:Click on track numbers (page opens separately)

English translation of Sevdanin Son VurusuEnglish translation of AcimayacakEnglish translation of Isim OlmazEnglish translation of Kayip
Sevdanın Son Vuruşu [Love's Last Strike]Acımayacak [It Won't Hurt]İşim Olmaz [I Don't Care]Kayıp [Lost]
English translation of OpEnglish Translation of Adimi Kalbine YazEnglish translation of Sen Coktan GitmissinEnglish translation of Usta Cirak
Öp [Kiss]Adımı Kalbine Yaz [Write My Name Across Your Heart]Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin [You Went Long Ago]Usta - Çırak [Teacher - Pupil]

Release Notes
Released in the summer of 2010, with CD sleeve photographs taken in Los Angeles by celebrity photographer Guiliano Bekor, the album sold 100,000 copies in its first twenty-four hours. It doubled sales figures in just ten days, and tripled it in its first two weeks of release. By the end of August it had sold 310,000 units. It went on to sell nearly half a million copies and become the best selling album of 2010. It also won critical acclaim, making the lists of radio DJs and music critics, and on the basis of air plays and rotation Tarkan topped Nielsen's annual figures to become the most popular Turkish singer of the year.

Consisting of eight original and five remixed tracks, the album is a fusion of old, new, and enduring musical formulas, with long-time producer Ozan Çolakoğlu remaining firmly at the production helm of Tarkan's musical direction. However in contrast to their previous two-man effort, Metamorfoz in 2007, this time around Tarkan took the decision to work with various songwriters.

Noted for new collaborations with poet Günay Çoban, and female composer Gülşah Tütüncü, the 2010 musical offering also incorporates the lyrical skills of old favourites Sezen Aksu and Yıldız Tilbe. Tarkan last worked with Tilbe on his 1994 album A-acayipsin, while the artist's musical partnership with Aksu on this album ended a 13 year collaborative hiatus, as well as lending the opportunity for Tarkan to team up with Aksu's son Mithat Can Özer for the first time.

The album also sees the first collaboration with Aysel Gürel for the album's opening track "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu", albeit two years after her death. The two had attempted to work together in the run-up to Tarkan's 2001 album Karma, but it would be ten years before the late female lyricist's name finally appeared on a bona fide release.

Reportedly composed by Tarkan after the posthumous discovery of Gürel's lyrics, it was the fulfilment of a promise, and was deemed worth the wait. Tarkan released "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" two months in advance of the album's official release, as a teaser on his revamped official site, and simultaneously across Turkish radio stations nationwide.

The song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu", about a last-ditch attempt at love, struck a chord with music critics and was touted as a comeback for the recording artist, who had made national and worldwide headlines for an anti-drug sting on his home in Istanbul. It had resulted in a four day stay in police custody earlier that year, with the singer charged for drug use and possession of cannabis. Tarkan made his first public appearance after his arrest a few months later with a première performance of the song to open the 16th Kral Music Awards annual ceremony.

In true form to the artist's roller-coaster career as a music industry survivor, the track went on to become a hit with the public, topping national airplay charts for weeks. It garnered four nominations at the following Kral TV Music Awards in 2011, while the album was nominated in the Best Album category and Tarkan got a nod for Best Male Artist. The pop video to "Öp" was also nominated in the category for Best Music Video.

After twenty days of public voting, Tarkan and his creative team went on to win in every category nominated, whilst the artist was also recognised with two industry awards for best selling album and most played recording artist of 2010 to garner a tally of nine awards in total. Scooping all the major awards for one album was a feat hitherto unseen in the ceremony's seventeen year history, securing Tarkan's status as the station's most awarded recipient.

However, having dominated the prizes at music station Kral's 17th annual show, Tarkan was initially absent from the presentations until his surprise arrival at the end, much to the chagrin of the celebrity award announcers. He appeared after the finale announcement of the year's best song trophy for "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu", where he performed a montage of his 2010 songs before taking to the podium to accept his accolades to a standing ovation from the audience.

Immediately after the ceremony, Tarkan began trending on social media site Twitter as fans began to celebrate the recording artist's win with his 2010 album. He trended a second time on Twitter, and was again the subject of controversy, when he won two more prizes at the Golden Butterfly Awards, handed out by a newspaper the following month. In an evening not short of drama, he was voted by the paper's readership as best pop male singer of the year, with best song going to "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" - the song's fifth trophy to firmly position it as the nation's favourite song of the year.

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