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ntvmsnbc's entertainment report on Kral TV's award evening where Tarkan swept up all major music prizes for his 2010 album
The 17th Kral Music Awards attracted widespread coverage from the TV media as well as the papers. News broadcasts from Turkey's most watched TV stations, and many news channels gave wide coverage to the Kral Music Awards.

Screencap of ntvmsnbc reportScreencap of ntvmsnbc reportScreencap of ntvmsnbc reportISTANBUL - One of the most important organisations in the music world, the 17th Kral Music Awards found their recipients on the 17th of May during a grand ceremony held at the Haliç Congress Centre. There was a lot of attention from the press over the Awards Ceremony, where the famous came together. After the awards ceremony, many newspapers reported the event from their headlines. Newspaper Haberturk reported the moment Aysel Gürel's daughter Müjde Ar received the [best song lyrics] award on behalf of her mother and planted a kiss on [actor] Tamer Karadağlı's lips with the headline "Kingly Kiss", while the Posta paper commented on the music awards with the headline "Kral evening's Tarkan Surprise". With the headline "Sezen and her Gang", paper Hürriyet reported on Sezen Aksu sharing the stage with her old backing singers Sertab Erener, Levent Yüksel and Aşkın Nur Yengi. Meanwhile, the Cumhuriyet paper gave space to the Kral Music Awards with the headline "Tarkan Selected King of the Awards".

Columnists in Turkey's most read newspapers gave space in their columns to Kral's Music Awards, too. One of [entertainment supplement] Milliyet Cadde's columnists, Ali Eyüboğlu, criticised comments calling the music awards the "Tarkan TV Awards" by saying:

"There are people on Twitter making sarcastic comments about Tarkan winning seven awards at the 17th Kral TV Awards, calling the ceremony the 'Tarkan TV Awards'. Have a heart... Because in my opinion Tarkan didn't make the year's best album, in 2010 he made the best album of his life. I was in Kral's grand jury. I voted for Tarkan in six categories. There were those I didn't vote for who won awards, as well. It's against the laws of nature for everyone to be in complete agreement anyway... What's more, if you look to see who's won the most awards from Kral TV so far, you'll find it's Tarkan. And by a large margin. In 16 years only Tarkan has won 11 awards from Kral. That's why he's called 'Megastar'. Tarkan is followed by Sezen Aksu and Mustafa Sandal with six awards, and Sertab Erener, Ebru Gündeş, Serdar Ortaç and İbrahim Tatlıses who have five awards."

Images from the 2011 Kral TV AwardsAnd one of the writers for paper Hürriyet's supplement Kelebek, Cengiz Semercioğlu had this to say about the Kral Music Awards in his article:

"It was obvious that Tarkan was going to sweep up at the Kral TV awards evening, and that's exactly what happened... Along with the [industry awards from] MÜYAP* and the [Nielsen observed] radios he [personally] got 7 awards. Will anyone say "he didn't deserve it"? I don't think so... Because this is Tarkan, the Tarkan everyone has been waiting years for... Everyone had sorely missed these songs of Tarkan. He didn't show up to accept any of the trophies, and just when everyone was finally coming to believe the gossip that he was "a no-show", he showed up at the evening's end and gave his show. He turned the Kral TV evening into Tarkan's evening."

* MUYAP is the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society and represents the interests of Turkish recording companies, mainly against copyright infringement. The Industry awards certificates depending on the amount sold by music releases.

Writing in paper Sabah's supplement Günaydın, Yüksel Aytuğ in his column mentioned the awards ceremony with the headline "An Occasion Fit for a King":

"The 17th Kral TV Music Awards was the most competent awards ceremony I've seen yet. First not forgetting those at the head of the Doğuş Group that give importance to the arts, I heartily congratulate the controller at Kral TV, Gezegen Mehmet (Akbay), and head of the organisation, Emel Müftüoğlu, for working like crazy these past three months for this special night.

"The most important reason for the evening being such a success was the months of continuous meetings held by those responsible with leaders in the sector. From music societies to producers, from artists to fan club members, they got the opinion of all the sector's members.

"Doing so paved the way for a fair and unforgettable evening, with more highs than lows and filled with pleasant surprises. Plus sharing their broadcast with 100 local television stations gave [their awards a national] label, too.

"Those at Kral have raised the standard for ceremonial awards so high now, that everyone will be forced to work harder, and show more care, to jump over that bar. I thank everyone who worked on this with all my heart."

And one of paper Hürriyet's supplement Kelebek writers, Ömür Gedik had this to say:

"I was right there at the 17th Kral TV Awards. I must immediately thank Kral TV's Editor-in-chief Mehmet Akbay, known in the community as Gezegen Mehmet, and Emel Müftüoğlu who put her heart and soul into getting the organisation together.

"It was a job well done on a tough assignment. It was a tiring and long evening for everyone, but was cheered up by the songs and stage shows. Along with [TV presenter] Ece Erken and [journalist] Mesut Yar, we three managed the red carpet interviews. But I think out of us all, Mesut's was the hardest assignment. Because he was the one most subjected to the strong winds [outside] Haliç. I hope he isn't reading this from his sickbed.

"Rahşan Gülşan, Nilgün Belgün and Ali Eyüboğlu's commentary on the red carpet walk and outfits was super. Having the great duo Rahşan and Nilgün sing [the folk song] "Hazelnuts Sprout Green Again" when they saw the [elderly celeb couple] Safiye Soyman-Faik Öztürk wearing the same green added a bit of colour to the red carpet."

At the same time, a columnist for paper Sabah's supplement Günaydın, Ayşe Özyılmazel had these words to say to the evening's harsh critics:

"It's supposedly the 17th Tarkan Music Awards... He's got it in the neck... All hell's broke loose... So, what's all the bother for? The '17th Kral TV Music Awards' have found their recipients. The internet community is at one another's throats. Those who didn't win are up in arms. Those who attended the ceremony are fed up with the organisation. No one is pleased again. Apart from Tarkan, Sezen and [music label] DMC... This is what the comments are like. In this style. So what's the reason for all this commotion?

"Because Tarkan received the awards for 'Best Male Artist', 'Best Song', 'Artist with most Airplay', 'Best Song Music', 'Best Song Lyrics' (Aysel Gürel, 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu'), 'Best Album', 'Best Song Production' (Ozan Çolakoğlu, 'Sevdanın Son Vuruşu') and 'Best Music Video' (Nadir Bekar, 'Öp'). Eight awards in total. Of course we can discount video, lyrics and production as the recipients of those trophies are others. Whatever, eight or five. One group got so angry they changed the name of the evening to the '17th Tarkan Music Awards'.

"To that group I want to say "Waaaaake up"; this man in today's standards has sold 400,000 with his album 'Adımı Kalbine Yaz'. This is higher than the total sales of ten artists put together. The man made his mark on pop this year. His songs and videos were amazing. He packed out the Harbiye [open air arena] for a record-breaking seven consecutive nights. This is the way these things work. Even in those Oscar and Grammy award ceremonies that we think we follow by example... Sometimes one artist or one film is the year's best and sweeps up all the awards like so."

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