Metamorfoz + Remixes

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Metamorfoz [Metamorphosis] + Remixes

Album Credits
Genre: Dance, Pop
Release Date(s): 25/26 December, 2007 (TUR), 1 February, 2008 (GER)
Release Date for Remixes 2 CD Set: 1 August, 2008 (TUR)
Formats: MC, CD
Label: DMC, HITT

Production: HITT Music (Tarkan)
Producer: Tarkan & Ozan Çolakoğlu
Arrangements: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Keyboard, Programming and Edit Mixing: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Recording, Editing & Mixing (Vocals): Murat Matthew Erdem
Guitar (Acoustic): Can Şengün, Michael Annas Allaf
Guitar (Bass): Alp Ersönmez
Guitar (Electric): Can Şengün
Strings: Gündem Yaylı Grubu
Percussion: Mehmet Akatay
Studios: İmaj/Sarı Ev
Mastering: Miles Showell/Metropolis Group Ltd
Photography: Tamer Yılmaz - Fabrika
Hair Stylist: Yıldırım Özdemir
Make-up Artist: Neriman Eröz
Graphic Design: İsmail Aylakcı, Onur Güngör
Redactor: Handan Menekşe
Printing: GD Ofset

Track Listing: [click here for the English translations to these songs]

1. Vay Anam Vay (Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[4:05]
2. Dilli Duduk (Tarkan)[3:39]
3. Arada Bir (Tarkan)[4:10]
4. İstanbul Ağlıyor (Tarkan)[4:50]
5. Hop Hop (Tarkan)[4:23]
6. Dedikodu (Tarkan)[4:21]
7. Bam Teli (Tarkan)[4:36]
8. Gün Gibi (Tarkan)[4:59]
9. Çat Kapı (Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[3:57]
10. Pare Pare (Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[5:16]

Track Listing: [The Remixes]

1. Pare Pare (Tiesto Mix/Tiësto)[11:31]
2. Vay Anam Vay (Elektrofied Mix/Kıvanç K & Omar Basaad)[5:49]
3. Arada Bir (Be Funkee Mix/Levent Gündüz) [4:10]
4. İstanbul Ağlıyor (Hökenek Mix/Serkan Hökenek) [4:54]
5. Dilli Düdük (Suat Ateşdağlı & Yalçın Aşan Mix) [4:48]
6. Vay Anam Vay (Erdem Kınay Mix) [4:36]
7. Dedikodu (Ozan Doğulu Mix) [4:14]
8. Arada Bir (Ozinga Mix/Ozan Çolakoğlu) [4:53]
9. Vay Anam Vay (Gürcell Mix/Gürsel Çelik) [3:57]
10. Çat Kapı (Hökenek Mix/Serkan Hökenek) [4:26]
11. Hop Hop (Kıvanç K Gangsta Mix) [5:24]
12. Vay Anam Vay (Elektherock Mix/Hüseyin Karadayı) [5:11]
13. İstanbul Ağlıyor (Murat Matthew Erdem Mix) [4:24]

Release Notes
Four years after his million-seller Dudu EP, Tarkan worked solely with Ozan Çolakoğlu, his music engineer since 1992, for this project. The album is a musical deviation from anything he has attempted before, with a stronger emphasis on electronic sounds and engineering rather than acoustics. Turkish magazine Aktüel published an article containing comments from Tarkan about the meaning to each song, in which the artist defined the track "Vay Anam Vay" as the one that changed the whole direction of the album.

The title "Metamorfoz" (Metamorphosis) indicated that musically this album would be different from Tarkan's previous works. His image for the album art shows Tarkan in a shiny grey suit and thin dark tie sporting closely cropped hair and a full beard, an image unfamiliar to fans from his Karma period, which reinforced the title of the album.

With an initial grey-gold colour scheme, the cover features Tarkan standing in the middle of a wheat field, just as a storm is about to break out, with dark clouds in the background. Inside the album booklet the sombre mood is continued with a series of photos of Tarkan against dark, stormy backgrounds; grey, black and dark golden-yellow colours dominate. In the middle of the booklet a small, poster-like two page photograph is placed, picturing Tarkan in his grey suit, standing in a different position than on the cover. İsmail Aylakçı and Onur Güngör were commissioned for the artwork to Metamorfoz, the photographs were taken by Tamer Yılmaz. Besides the lyrics and the credits, a short note of acknowledgement is also included in the booklet.

The CD's cardboard sleeve had the title embossed in Braille dots for the visually impaired, but Tarkan's name was printed wrong and read "Tarkaf" instead. The embossing was removed as a result from other prints, although the Braille pattern on the booklet's cover sleeve still kept the same error in the Turkish editions. The initial prints with the misprinted embossed cardboard covers are now considered collector items.

During pre-release, Tarkan's official artist site at was re-launched on the 17 December 2007, publicly revealing the album's name for the first time. Following on from the tradition of previous works, a website for the album followed on the 26 December, but instead of a separate site was hosted at his official domain.

The album was released a day early by D&R stores in Turkey, a partner of the DMC label, while it was made available for general release a day later on the 26 December. International releases materialised the following year, with a "Vay Anam Vay" video enhanced CD version distributed in Germany from 1 February 2008.

Although the new image and album was unveiled to mixed critical reviews in Turkey, it caused a buying frenzy amongst the public and sold 350,000 copies in the first two weeks of its domestic release. At the beginning of 2008, according to the Turkish Billboard charts, the album achieved top slots in airplay, sales and downloads, and managed to get certified platinum by the Turkish Phonographic Industry even though he released his album in the last week of 2007. Over 49,000 legal online downloads of Tarkan's album were tracked by music portal TTNetMüzik in the first week of its opening in 2008.

The album's lyrics also garnered Tarkan a congratulatory certificate from the Turkish Language Association (Türk Dil Kurumu), attached with a letter of commendation by the president of the institute. The TDK lauded Tarkan for his inventive use of Turkish idioms and sayings, of which there are over forty in the album.

A promotional tour encompassing Turkish and European venues followed in 2008, and the album was re-issued in August the same year in a 2CD set, accompanied by thirteen remixes to eight of the album's songs and a completely new image.

In 2009, the album was certified diamond by the Turkish Phonographic Industry for being the highest selling Turkish album of 2008, making Tarkan one of the few Turkish artists to garner two sale awards for the same album - notching up well over three quarters of a million copies sold.

Coinciding with the release date of his first album, Metamorfoz is regarded as the defining work that marked Tarkan's 15th year in music.

Music videos were filmed for tracks -

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