Album Credits
Genre: Pop, World
Release Date(s): 23 July, 2001
Formats: MC, CD
Label: Istanbul Plak

Producer: Tarkan & Ozan Çolakoğlu
Music Arrangements, Programming & Pro Tools: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Vocals: Berna Keser, Cihan Okan, Deniz Seki, Murat Matthew Erdem, Özkan Ugur, Özlem Tekin, Tarkan
Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric): Bilgehan Tuncer
Guitar: Annas, Erdem Sökmen, Erdinç Şenyaylar
12 String Guitar, Laud: Jean Louis Solon
Bağlama: Ahmet Koç, Çetin Akdeniz
Bass: Avo Harutunian, Ismail Soyberk, Janik Top
Ud (Lute): Yıldıran Güz
Solo Violin: Lawrence Monti
String Composition & Orchestration: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Strings: Armen Aharioan Los Angeles Strings, Hossam Ramzy Strings Group, Orchestra Opera de Marseille (Conductor: Rene Perinelli)
Sitar, Didjeridoo, Sarode: Jeffrey Slatnick
Ney: Muhammed Fouda
English Horn: Jean Claude Latic
Clarinet: Kirpi Bülent
Accordion: Mohsen Allaam
Percussion: Cengiz Ercümer, Hossam Ramzy, Marc Chontereau, Luis Conte, Seyfi Ayta
Frederic Blanc Garin, Frank Redlich, Matthew Murat Erdem, Ken Deranteriasian, Serkan Kula
Mixing: Brad Gilderman, Devrim Karaoğlu, Kivanch K, Ozan Çolakoğlu, Murat Matthew Erdem, Ulaş Ağce
Assistant Mixers: Chandler Bridges, Deshaun Washington, Michael Huff, Myriam Correge, Keith Armstrong
Recording (for Tarkan vocals): Murat Matthew Erdem
Recording & Mix (for Track 8): Murat Matthew Erdem, Ulaş Ağce
Recording Director: Özgür Buldum (Erekli-Tunç Studio)
Recording Studios: Cutting Room (New York), Erekli-Tunç (Istanbul), Etap (Cairo), Imaj (Istanbul), Miraval (Leval, France), Pasifique (Los Angeles)
Mixing Studio: Pasifique (Los Angeles)
Mastering: Murat Matthew Erdem, Ulaş Ağce (Futuredisc L.A./Imaj)
CD Publishing: Odeon A.S
Concept & Photography: Sevil Sert
Marbleization Artist: Hikmet Barutçugil
Graphic Design & Planning: Stars Reklam Hizmetleri A.S
Publishing: Onur Ofset
Public Relations: HITT

Track Listing: [click here for the English translations to these songs]

1. Aşk (Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[4:22]
2. Ay (Tarkan)[4:20]
3. Kuzu Kuzu (Tarkan)[3:53]
4. Gitti Gideli (Tarkan)[4:42]
5. Uzak (Arslan/Özgencil)[4:56]
6. Yandım (Alanson)[3:12]
7. O'na Sor (Özgencil/Tarkan)[3:23]
8. Hüp (Öncel)[3:39]
9. Sen Başkasın (Tarkan)[4:16]
10. Taş (Tarkan)[4:24]
11. Her Nerdeysen (Öncel)[3:30]
12. Verme (Özgencil)[4:56]

Release Notes
This release is the all time 6th best selling album in Turkey.

Tarkan's 5th music project and his 4th original release, Karma is an album of many changes. His successful partnership with Sezen Aksu that created such songs as "Şımarık" and "Şıkıdım" is absent from this album, and he decided to work with female singer/songwriter Nazan Öncel instead. The album was produced in Istanbul, Los Angeles, New York, Egypt and Europe.

Tarkan moved away from pop in this musical excursion to distinct ethnocentric melodies fused with electronica sounds. Seen as his attempt to push the ethnic style into the mainstream, with motifs taken from all across the world, commentators have labelled this as Tarkan's first authentic crossover project. The album's title Karma means "mixed" or "crossover" in Turkish, as well standing for the philosophy from the same name.

As an introduction in the CD booklet, Tarkan describes the Karma philosophy and explains the concept behind using marbleization art for his album cover. An English translation of this introduction can be found here.

Tarkan released two singles into the Turkish music market from this album. "Kuzu Kuzu" was his first ever single release in Turkey, (he had already released three singles in Europe), while his second single "Hüp" (released for retail only in CD format) broke the record for the most expensive Turkish music video filmed to date. It was directed by well-known Turkish born Italian director Ferzan Özpetek, and under Pepsi sponsorship it is rumoured to have cost over $100, 000. "Hüp" was also released as a promotional cassette. "Hüp 4" was part of the Pepsi campaign and wasn't sold separately. The public had to collect Pepsi labels to obtain it. Tarkan also released a promotional single, a football anthem to celebrate Turkey's first entry into World Cup football in 2002, titled "Bir Oluruz Yolunda" (United For You), the music to which was taken from "Taş", Track 10 on this album.

An official website was opened for the Karma album and was closed when the following album Dudu was released with it's own official site.

Music videos were filmed for tracks -
  • Kuzu Kuzu; Dir: Metin Arolat (There were two videos filmed for this, with a second for the acoustic version of the song from the single of the same name.)
  • Hüp; Dir: Ferzan Özpetek (See release notes above for more details.)
  • Hüp Ozinga Remix; Dir: Kıvanç Baruönu/İzzet Öz Productions (This video was filmed for a remix version from the single for "Hüp". It has unused scenes from the orginal video and images from Tarkan concerts. It's also filled with slogans campaigning against music piracy.
  • Verme; Dir: Kıvanç Baruönu/Böcek Yapım (There were also two videos filmed for this, but only one is commonly available on the Net. The rare one shows Tarkan's face in close-up throughout the video. The common one holds footage of destitute childen, photographs taken from the lens of popular photographer Ara Güler and a final scene with morphic special effects, the first used in a Turkish music video.)

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