Bir Oluruz Yolunda

Bir Oluruz Yolunda (CD Cover)

Bir Oluruz Yolunda [United For You]

Single Credits
Genre: Pop, Anthem
Release Date(s): 25 April, 2002
Formats: CD
Label: HITT

Track Listing: [see below for the English translation to the song lyrics]

1. Bir Oluruz Yolunda-1 (Tarkan/Varışlı)[4:16]
2. Bir Oluruz Yolunda-2 (Tarkan/Varışlı)[4:22]

Song Information [Flash Player required]

Release Notes
Under the sponsorship of Pepsi, Tarkan released this football anthem as a promotional single to celebrate Turkey's first entry into World Cup football in 2002. It had a retail release and was titled "Bir Oluruz Yolunda" (United For You); the music was taken from "Taş", a song from his Karma album.

Music videos were filmed for tracks -
  • Bir Oluruz Yolunda-2; Dir: Kıvanç Baruönu/Böcek Yapım (This video was added to the single as multimedia.)

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