Kuzu Kuzu

Kuzu Kuzu
Kuzu Kuzu [Like A Lamb]

Single Credits
Genre: Dance, Pop, World
Release Date(s): May, 2001
Formats: MC, CD
Label: Istanbul Plak

Track Listing: [see below for the English translation to the song lyrics]

1. Original Version (Tarkan)[3:50]
2. Dkevrim Mix (Tarkan)[5:43]
3. Kıvanch K. Mix (Tarkan)[8:36]
4. Ozinga Mix (Tarkan)[8:43]
5. Acoustic Version (Tarkan)[3:40]

Song Information [Flash Player required]

Release Notes
This was Tarkan's first ever single release in Turkey. It was a commercial risk in an album-orientated music industry, but became the highest selling single in Turkish music history, eventually reaching a million sales. The CD single holds one extra track than the audio cassette. This is the DkEVRIM Mix.

For "Kuzu Kuzu", it was the first time an official website was opened for the release of one of his singles. The subsequent album Karma, released three months later, was also to have its own website. A second single followed the release of "Kuzu Kuzu" and Karma, titled "Hüp".

Music videos were filmed for tracks -

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