Hüp [Whoop]

Single Credits
Genre: Dance, Pop, World
Release Date(s): December, 2001
Formats: CD
Label: Istanbul Plak

Track Listing: [see below for the English translation to the song lyrics]

1. Ozinga Disco Mix (Öncel)[4:30]
2. Özgür Buldum Club Mix (Öncel)[6:01]
3. Hüp Alaturka (Öncel)[4:05]
4. Orient Dub Mix (Öncel)[5:26]
5. İlterocktive Mix (Öncel)[3:37]
6. Kıvanch K Mix (Öncel)[7:27]
7. Hüp Original Version (Öncel)[3:40]
8. Ozan Doğulu Mix (Öncel)[4:52]
9. The Video Single (Öncel/Özpetek)[4:12]

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Release Notes
This is the second single from Tarkan 2001 Karma album. This CD single is sometimes known as "Hüp 8", due to the 8 tracks on the single and to distinguish it from the Pepsi promotional cassette. Known as "Hüp 4" it did not retail separately, but was part of a Pepsi campaign in which the public had to collect Pepsi labels to obtain it. It proved to be so popular that Tarkan decided to publish a wider release of the Hüp remixes in this CD format, with an extra four tracks (İlterocktive, Kivanch K, Ozan Dogulu mixes and the original edit).

The enhanced CD single holds the music video to the original song (not the "Ozinga Disco Mix"), which was directed by Italian movie director Ferzan Özpetek. Sponsored by soft drinks giant Pepsi it was the most expensively filmed Turkish music video to date. The CD single also offered Internet connection through the now defunct Tarkanonline.com as a provider, e-mail and webhost.

The "Hüp" song is sometimes mistakenly thought to be the Turkish mascot song for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. This is usually because the song was used on TV and radio spots featuring Tarkan promoting Pepsi's sponsorship of the Turkish National football team in the 2002 Championship in Japan and Korea. However, Tarkan's song for the World Cup is the promotional single "Bir Oluruz Yolunda" (United For You).

Music videos were filmed for tracks -
  • Ozinga Disco Remix; Dir: Kıvanç Baruönu/İzzet Öz Productions (It shows a montage of unused scenes from the orginal video and images from Tarkan concerts and is also filled with slogans campaigning against music piracy.)
  • Original version; Dir: Ferzan Özpetek (See the Karma album's release notes for more details.)

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