A-acayipsin [Oh You're Something Else]

Album Credits
Genre: Pop, World
Release Date(s): 21 May, 1994 (re-released 1995)
Formats: MC, CD
Label: Istanbul Plak

Executive Producer: Şahin Söğütoğlu
Producer: Mehmet Söğütoğlu
Production: Istanbul Plak
Music Arrangements, Music Direction, Track 3 Intro: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Supervisor: Tarkan
Creative Producer: Tarkan
Vocals: Cihan Okan, Deniz Arcak, Ebru Aydın, Gür Akad, Levent Yüksel, Orhan Atasoy, Özkan Uğur, Rıza Erekli, Şebnem Ferah, Sertab Erener, Tarkan, Umit Sayin
Piano: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Acoustic Guitar: Erdem Sökmen, Erdinç Şenyaylar
Bass Guitar: Ismail Soyberk, Levent Yüksel
Electric Guitar: Gür Akad
Cello: Özer Argun
Ud (Lute): Erdinç Şenyaylar, Levent Yüksel
Kanun: Halil Karaduman
Strings: Şenyaylar Yaylı Grubu
Clarinet: Mustafa Suder
Flute: Levent Altındağ
Ney: Ercan Irmak
Percussion: Cem Erman
Darbuka, Def: Celal-Seyfi Ayta
Davul: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Mixing: Rıza Erekli, Pinyo Deneb
Mastering: Duyal Karagozoğlu
Graphic Design: Giftajans
Publishing: Onur Ofset
Photography: Sevil Sert

Track Listing: [click here for the English translations to these songs]

1. Hepsi Senin Mi? (Aksu)[4:05]
2. Dön Bebeğim (Sayın)[4:45]
3.Şeytan Azapta (Aksu)[5:00]
4. Bekle (Çolakoğlu/Sayın)[5:25]
5. Eyvah (Çolakoğlu/Tarkan)[4:10]
6. Kış Güneşi (Şensoy/Tilbe)[4:15]
7. Unutmamalı (Tarkan)[5:30]
8. Gül Döktüm Yollarına (Tarkan)[4:15]
9. Durum Beter (Tarkan)[3:40]
10. Gitme (Sayın/Sayın)[4:30]
11. Seviş Benimle (Çolakoğlu/Tuna)[5:10]
12. Biz Nereye (Erekli)[4:50]

Release Notes
This is Tarkan's second album. It marked the successful partnership between Tarkan and female singer/songwriter Sezen Aksu. On its release, it sold just under half a million copies (450,000 units) in its first 10 days on the shelves. It eventually sold over an estimated 2 million copies domestically. His sophomore outing also reached sales of over 750,000 in Europe, a first-ever feat for a Turkish performer.

Some musical commentators attributed the album's success to a pre-launch campaign, which included half-naked photos of the singer grabbing his private parts. The resulting "Tarkan-mania" that witnessed girls tear off their clothes at his concerts heralded in a new phenomenon - that of the Turkish pop idol.

A rare promotional CD single with three tracks from this album was released in Germany. Released in 1995, Hepsi Senin Mi held the title track plus "Bekle" and "Kış Güneşi".

The third track on the album "Şeytan Azapta" was remixed when its music video was released. This remixed version was exclusive to the video and was never published on this or any following release.

Music Videos were filmed for tracks -

  • Hepsi Senin Mi?; Dir: Hazım Başaran (Due to re-edits there are two versions to Başaran's video. The song itself was to be later renamed "Şikidim" for the European market)
  • Unutmamalı; Dir: Hazım Başaran
  • Şeytan Azapta; Dir: Şule Bekiroğlu (Usually edited to cut out the scene where Tarkan is being stripped on stage)
  • Dön Bebeğim; Dir: Abdullah Oğuz (Usually edited due to its sexy scenes)
  • Kış Güneşi; Dir: Umur Turagay

Others filmed were -
  • Bekle (Rarely seen music video filmed when Tarkan was in Singapore for a concert.)
  • Gül Döktüm Yollarına (There are two versions. One was filmed for a new year show on TV, is not an official video and therefore difficult to find on the Net. The second was filmed during Tarkan's visit to Singapore.)

Music videos filmed to songs on this album after they were re-released in the Tarkan compilation album -

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