Hepsi Senin Mi?

Hepsi Senin Mi CD Cover

Hepsi Senin Mi?[Who Do You Think You Are?]

Single Credits
Genre: Pop
Release Date(s): 1995
Formats: CD
Label: Angora/MMS Group of Companies, Inc.

Track Listing: [see below for the English translation to the song lyrics]

1. Hepsi Senin Mi? (Aksu)[4:05]
2. Bekle (Çolakoğlu/Sayın)[5:25]
3. Kış Güneşi (Şensoy/Tilbe)[4:15]

Song Information [Flash Player required]

Release Notes
After the success of parent album A-acayipsin, this indoor promotional sample CD was released in 1995 and distributed to European radio stations. It was not made available for general retail.

Music Videos were filmed for tracks -

  • Hepsi Senin Mi?; Dir: Hazım (to be later renamed "Şikidim" for the European market)
  • Kış Güneşi; Dir: Umur Turagay

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