Tarkan SongsDiscography 1992-2008: Unplugged

These are selections of songs that Tarkan has sung live at concert or on TV shows, but that have never been released. Also provided below are two of the more popular Turkish classical music pieces that Tarkan sings at his concerts. Click on the song title of your choice.

  • Kara Gözler [Dark Eyes] (1996)
  • Yeni Yıl [New Year] (1996-97)
  • Dönülmez Akşamın Ufkundayız [We Are on the Horizon of a Night of No Return] (TCM)
  • Duydum ki Unutmuşsun [I Heard You'd Forgotten] (TCM)

Kara Gözler [Dark Eyes]
Lyrics: Tarkan | Music: Tarkan

Background information: In 1996 Tarkan gave a concert at Aya Irini, which was aired on Turkish TV channel ATV. He first sung this song there as a contender for his album 1997 Ölürüm Sana. The song did not make the release. It is also rumoured that Tarkan sung this song at an unplugged concert sponsored by Pepsi on Kanal D, in 2000/01, possibly for a new album Tarkan had intended to release entitled Benim Favorim [My Favourite]. This album never surfaced and in 2001 he released Karma instead.

Yeni Yıl [New Year]
Lyrics: Pakize Barışta | Music: Tarkan

Background information: Tarkan sung this song at a televised New Year Concert in 1996/97, and it became popular enough to get air time on Turkish radio stations, while the whole nation was waiting for the release of his 1997 album, Ölürüm Sana [I'd Die For You].

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