Youth Fest Signs Up with Tarkan Again

Fanta Youth Festival Signs Up Tarkan For Second Tour, Brokers Record Deal
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11th Fanta Youth Fest will travel with Tarkan againUnder soft drink giant Fanta's sponsorship, it's 11th annual Youth Fest is about to hit the road with Tarkan for a second series of nationwide summer concerts across the Turkish provinces.

Rock singer Emre Aydın will be accompanying Tarkan on tour this year, replacing rock act maNga from last year's listing.

Fanta's Youth Festival, touted as Turkey's largest mobile music festival, decided to continue with Tarkan again in 2012 for a second leg after having reached a record-breaking number of a million people with the king of Turkish pop last year, to add new stops to the route from cities missed out in 2011.

Entertainment supplements for Turkish news outlets write that the deal brokered between the two giants of the food and Turkish music industry has been another record-breaker for the highly anticipated travelling tour.

Having previously signed Tarkan up to the summer extravaganza for 9 million Turkish lira, the amount was doubled for this year's second outing due to the massive success of last year's festival, with the two sides agreeing on an amount of 18 million Turkish lira. In addition to the tour, the deal is said to include plans for Tarkan to star in a TV commercial for Fanta.

The multi-million lira deal will see Tarkan travelling to 16 Turkish cities in a month-long trek, starting from the Turkish capital city of Ankara on the 9th June to make his way from east to west, following a calendar that spans across the entire country with a mega-convoy of trucks and stage equipment.

Tarkan's Istanbul concert for Fanta's Youth Festival in 2011On the penultimate stop to last year's summer tour, Tarkan's Istanbul show had broken attendance records with 110,000 people filling the venue.

Fanta's stage construction for the 2011 Istanbul show was reported as the largest in Europe for its height and size, while holding the biggest stage and truss system ever for a tour of its kind in the region.

Travelling across the length and breadth of the country to reach 16 major Turkish hubs, Tarkan is said to prepare for the mega-tour months in advance, with unique video footage designed for each song, and costumes specially made for the festival.

The singer didn't forget his international fans either last year, taking along photographer Sedat Mehder with him to share exclusive photographs of the shows and his travels on his official Facebook page with fans across the globe, who could track his tour online in real time.

And this year the popular singer had confirmed the 2012 summer tour on his Facebook page on the 19th April, while sharing backstage photographs of a Fanta photo shoot, with the update:

There will be new stops and new songs in the second leg of the Fanta Youth Festival which will kick off in June... I'm excited...

In the past 10 years, the Youth Fest has brought excitement to a total of 4 million people, and logged 76 thousand kilometres during a month-long national trek to 16 cities with its huge consortium of festival workers, technical equipment and transport lorries.

Fanta broke the 1 million audience barrier for its Youth Fest's 10th anniversary with Tarkan as the main act last year, to smash its own tour record for the total number of people attending the music event nationwide, and making it the most widespread mobile music festival of its kind in the country.

Fanta Youth Fest 2012 Official attendance figures

110,00 at opening show and Tarkan vists home village in tour detour

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