Tarkan Track Storms the Sale Charts

Tarkan Feature Tops Digital Sales, Music Video Released
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23.06.2012 (Updated 25.06.2012)

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Tarkan features in his long term producer's debut album 01 with the track Ask Gitti Bizden, currently storming the sale chartsTurkish physical and digital music sale figures show Tarkan feature track "Aşk Gitti Bizden" (Love Left Us) from Ozan Çolakoğlu's album as the best-selling single in this week's charts - only ten days following its official release.

After Turkish record label DMC head Samsun Demir had tweeted that hard copies of Çolakoğlu's album would hit the music shelves across all major Turkish cities on the 12th of June, ten days into its release both the album and track have topped the Turkish sales charts.

Çolakoğlu's album has reached pole position in music store D&R's top best-sellers for first week sales, with the Tarkan feature reaching number one for digital single sales on D&R's own digital chart and TTNetMuzik's most downloaded chart, knocking singer Kenan Doğulu off the top slot. "Aşk Gitti Bizden" was also the 8th most listened to song at TTNetMuzik's digital music platform, with over 310,000 plays and reached the number one spot with over half a million plays days later.

Tarkan is the only solo artist to have another track in the top ten for digital sales, with the song he penned for Ajda Pekkan on Çolakoğlu's album, "Ben Yanmışım".

Meanwhile, Çolakoğlu has gone on record to say in an interview for Akşam Life that it was Tarkan who helped him "take the first step" towards releasing an album with "Aşk Gitti Bizden" (pictured below).

Tarkan track storms the sale charts

Appearing in long-time producer and friend Çolakoğlu's début album 01, Tarkan had unveiled the track via his official social networks on the 1st of June.

Just three days later, leading global market research association The Nielsen Company published on its Twitter account airplay figures showing "Aşk Gitti Bizden" as the fastest rising single in the airplay charts.

Music Video Release Reveals International Team

Following the track's early chart success, music artist Tarkan released the eagerly awaited music video to the digital best-seller "Aşk Gitti Bizden" at his official Facebook and YouTube channels.

A production of Emrah Gamsızoğlu's Gaya Film, the video was directed by Los Angeles based director Eric Heimbold, who made Super Bowl history with his "Power of the Crunch" commercial for Doritos. Artistic direction was overseen by Martin Scezsanov, while editing was handled by Frederic Baudet.

Details provided by an article in Yeni Aktüel magazine and in other entertainment reports state that the video was in pre-production for a month, with actual filming taking place in two different studios.

Filmed in twenty-four hours and using the latest camera slow-motion technology, the video co-stars Croatian fashion model Jelena Stankovic, with a cameo by Çolakoğlu. The accompanying English, American and Canadian dancers were choreographed by dancer Nathalie Marrable - known as Madonna's body double in the industry.

Tarkan releases music video to Ask Gitti Bizden

Screencaps from Ask Gitti Bizden Music Video

Fans can visit Tarkan's official YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/tarkan to watch the music video in high-resolution, and the artist's current catalogue of music videos.

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