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Tarkan Sings on Long Time Producer's Début Album
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01.06.2012 (Updated 11.06.2012)

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Tarkan updates facebook page to publish new song for 2012 produced on his long time music collaborator's début albumTarkan has written and sung a previously unreleased track for summer 2012 in collaboration with his producer/arranger Ozan Çolakoğlu, for Çolakoğlu's début album 01.

While Çolakoğlu has been speaking about the project to the Turkish entertainment press pre-release, the start of June saw the singer update his Facebook page with publication of the 2012 summer track produced by his long-time music collaborator, for an album that has been years in the making.

Before the album's Turkish release, Tarkan published the song "Aşk Gitti Bizden" (Love Left Us) on his official Facebook page today, just days after posting the title track and lyrics to his official account (pictured left).

The king of Turkish pop unveiled "Aşk Gitti Bizden" on his Facebook page with the message:

One of the best albums of the year is coming soon... My dear friend and companion Ozan, with whom I've walked on this path of music for years, is releasing his debut album...And "LOVE HAS LEFT US" is the first single of the album Ozan Colakoglu-01.

Tarkan will be performing the new single live at his producer's Istanbul concert on the 2nd of June at the Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena, before taking to the road for Fanta's 11th Youth Fest Tour.

Following on from Tarkan's Facebook update, the official Facebook page for Fanta's Youth Fest published the "Aşk Gitti Bizden" lyrics to its account, too - inviting followers to memorise the lyrics "to sing along with Tarkan" this summer.

Tarkan had already stated publicly on his Facebook page that there would be new songs for this year's second series of summer concerts with Fanta.

Now with 9 days to the start of the Youth Fest, the artist has posted the track "Aşk Gitti Bizden" in video format on Facebook, via his official YouTube channel, which the artist opened last month. Click here to listen.

Tarkan's official YouTube channel now openEnglish lyrics to Tarkan's 2012 song Ask Gitti Bizden

Entertainment news reports say that Tarkan will film a music video to this first single from Çolakoğlu's album, whose contributing artist list reads like a Turkish pop Hall of Fame.

Celebrity Producer's "Hall of Fame" Album

Colakoglu's 2012 début album is highly anticipated, as it gathers some of the greatest singers of Turkish pop together in one album, namely Tarkan, Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan, Sertap Erener and maNga group's lead singer Ferman, to name a few.

As well as singing a previously unreleased track, Tarkan contributed to Colakoglu's pet project with a second set of song lyrics "Ben Yanmışım", sung by Pekkan this time. Pekkan and Tarkan became close when they worked together on her 2011 album, for her summer hit last year with the Tarkan track "Yakar Geçerim".

"Yakar Geçerim" was voted best song of the year and won Tarkan three Kral Music Awards at the 18th VMAs this year.

Tarkan and Ajda Pekkan in studio in 2011Tarkan and Ajda Pekkan in studio in 2011
Tarkan and Ajda Pekkan in studio in 2011
Tarkan & Pekkan in the studio in 2011 | Photographs by Sedat Mehder

In a third contribution by Tarkan to Colakoglu's album début, the artist has covered an updated version of Aksu's break-through 90s dance song "Hadi Bakalım".

The song is usually earmarked by critics as igniting the great Turkish pop explosion of the 90s - the decade generally considered the golden age of Turkish pop music, and which saw artists like Tarkan achieve a historic rise to prominence.

The original song is also considered a milestone, as it was arranged by the late leading musician Onno Tunç, an arranger whose romantic and professional partnership with Aksu is mainly attributed to the successful rise of pop in the 90s. Music commentators have drawn comparisons between Aksu and Tunç's professional partnership and the one Çolakoğlu and Tarkan enjoy today.

Alongside its place in musical history, the song "Hadi Bakalım" is notable for showcasing the third power in 90s Turkish pop with the talents of late lyricist Aysel Gürel. Gürel is noted for penning many landmark songs in the genre of Turkish pop, and has been productive even after her death.

Working on Çolakoğlu's album, this is the second posthumous Gürel collaboration for Tarkan. The lyrics to Tarkan's 2010 hit song "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" (Love's Last Strike) were written by Gürel. The song was published by Tarkan in his 2010 album, when the discarded lyrics were found in her belongings after her death.

Tarkan had swept awards in all categories with the album and Gürel penned track, dominating the Turkish music charts and garnering five music trophies alone for "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu", marking a triumphant musical comeback after a short hiatus.

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