Yine Sensiz (Extended Mix)

Yine Sensiz [Without You Again]

Album Credits
Genre: Pop, World
Release Date(s): 21 June, 1993
Formats: CD
Label: Istanbul Plak

Producer: Mehmet Söğütoğlu
Production: Istanbul Plak
Music Arrangements, Music Direction: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Supervisor: Alpay Aydın
Vocals: Tarkan
Remix Tracks (12,13,14): Ozan Çolakoğlu, Adnan Göykem
Mixing: Rıza Erekli
Studio: Erekli - Tunç
Publishing: Onur Ofset
Photography: Sibel Arcan

Track Listing: [click here for the English translations to these songs]

1. Kıl Oldum (Aydın/Tarkan)[4:12]
2. Kimdi? (Tarkan)[4:23]
3. Söz Verdim (Aydın/Tarkan)[4:14]
4. Gelipte Halimi Gördün Mü? (Aydın/Tarkan)[3:46]
5. Sarıl Bana (Aydın)[3:24]
6. Oldu Canım, Ara Beni (Aydın)[2:44]
7. Vazgeçemem (Tarkan)[4:29]
8. Çok Ararsın Beni (Aydın)[4:44]
9. Selam Ver (Aydın)[5:05]
10. Yetti Artık (Aydın/Tarkan)[3:08]
11. Yine Sensiz (Tarkan)[5:15]
12. Kıl Oldum (New Version)[5:59]
13. Kimdi? (New Version)[6:53]
14. Çok Ararsın Beni (New Version)[5:56]

Release Notes
This is a re-release of Tarkan's début album. It was released on CD only. With cassette sales and estimated pirate copies sold, units of the singer's first album surpassed the million mark according to Billboard Magazine.

The CD booklet does not hold the song lyics. It has some album pictures of Tarkan, with the message:

'Hello...Well, I'm back again with a small difference... I hope you like the new versions of Kıl Oldum, Kimdi and Çok Ararsın Beni... Keep listening to me. With love, T.T.'

His signature is different here then his current one. Whereas now he is known just as 'Tarkan' and his signature reflects this, here he signed 'T.T', the intials to his full name, Tarkan Tevetoğlu.

As on the cassette, the CD ends with a radio type jingle for 'Tarkan FM' and Tarkan himself saying, "Beni dinlemeye devam edin" (Keep listening to me).

Music Videos were filmed for tracks -
  • Kıl Oldum; Dir: Mert Özmen (There were two videos filmed for this, but only one is widely available on the Net.)
  • Kimdi?; Dir: Cumhur Atalay/Metin Arolat (There were two versions of this; the rare one sees Tarkan in a similar outfit as "Kıl Oldum" - i.e. yellow tartan trousers and the same male dance group.)
  • Vazgeçemem; Dir: Metin Arolat (There were also two other videos filmed for this, not readily available on the Net, one which features Tarkan's then girlfriend Gülçin.)

Others filmed were -
  • Gelipte Halimi Gördün Mü?
  • Çok Ararsın Beni (An alternative video was filmed for the original track and screened as his first ever music clip before "Kıl Oldum", but is rumoured to have consequently been taken off air by Tarkan. It has yet to surface.)
  • Söz Verdim
  • Selam Ver
  • Sarıl Bana (TV appearance)
  • Oldu Canım, Ara Beni (TV appearance)

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