Bu Gece

Bu Gece Single Cover
Bu Gece [Tonight]

Single Credits
Genre: Dance, Pop
Release Date(s): 1999
Formats: CD
Label: Universal

Track Listing: [see below for the English translation to the song lyrics]

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1. Bu Gece (Kır Zincirlerini) Remix '99 (Tarkan)[3:51]
2. Unut Beni (Tarkan)[5:28]
1. Club Remix (Tarkan)[5:33]
2. Radio Version (Tarkan)[3:53]
3. DJ Tomcraft Remix (Tarkan)[6:10]
4. Smash Vocal Mix (Tarkan)[3:48]
5. Extended Version (Tarkan)[5:29]
6. Acoustic Version (Tarkan)[3:49]
7. Original Version (Tarkan)[5:25]
A1. DJ Tomcraft Remix (Tarkan)[6:10]
B1. Clubheroes Remix (Tarkan)[5:33]
B2. Radio '99 Mix (Tarkan)[3:53]

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Release Notes
Tarkan's third European release single "Bu Gece" originally formed part of Tarkan's 1997 album Ölürüm Sana under the title of "Kır Zincirlerini". The song was written and composed by Tarkan. The "Remix '99" track was re-produced by Laurent Marimbert and re-mixed by Jeeb at ADS Studios for the European music market and was also published in the singer's international album Tarkan. It was released as a single in 1999 after his previous two singles Şımarık and Şıkıdım, and made the dance charts in Turkey, Germany, Sweden and Holland. It reached the top twenty in the singles chart in France.

There are two European editions of the CD single. The 7-track release consisted of a variety of remixes while the 2-track edition published his "Unut Beni" song from the Ölürüm Sana album, alongside his Remix '99 song. The 2-track single was released with a card wallet/sleeve.

A 12" vinyl version of this single was distributed as a club promo, too. It included the DJ Tomcraft and Clubheroes mixes.

Music videos were filmed for tracks -
    Kır Zincirlerini (Bu Gece); Dir: Amagan 7 Productions

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