Ayrılık Zor Information

Ayrılık Zor [Separation Is Hard]

Single Credits
Genre: Pop
Release Date(s): 17 May, 2005
Formats: MC, CD
Label: HITT

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Track Listing: [click here for the English translation to the song lyrics]

1. Orijinal Versiyon (Tarkan)[4:05]
2. Ozinga Melankoli Mix (Tarkan)[3:36]
3. Ozinga Pop Alaturka Mix (Tarkan)[3:32]
4. Murat Matthew Erdem Mix (Tarkan)[3:50]
5. Hakan Ozgan Mix (Tarkan)[3:49]
6. Serkan Dinçer Mix (Tarkan)[3:51]

Release Notes
This promotional song was composed by Tarkan for Turkish mobile cellular communications company Avea, which included a series of commercials in which he featured. Along with TV adverts and an Avea sponsored series of tours in 2005 and 2006, the campaign included a stand alone website at tarkan.avea.com.tr, 2006 calendar and customised phone cards. Under the banner of "Love & Tarkan", it used the concept that loved ones separated by distance should keep in touch. Available in audio cassette and CD format, even though it was not released for general distribution, it sold nearly half a million copies.

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